Sunday, April 29, 2012

2012 Playoff Predictions

Note: I first wrote my playoff predictions Saturday morning before the games started, but I apparently lost that copy. I did, however, remember my picks, and yes I did this before Rose tore his ACL. Since everyone in the basketball-sphere is doing this, I'll make predictions too.

East: First round

Chicago Bulls (1) versus Philadelphia 76ers (8)

Prediction: Bulls in five.

Miami Heat (2) versus New York Knicks (7)

Prediction: Heat in five.

Indiana Pacers (3) versus Orlando Magic (6)

Prediction: Indiana in four.

Boston Celtics (4) versus Atlanta Hawks (5)

Prediction: Boston in five.

West: First round

San Antonio Spurs (1) versus Utah Jazz (8)

Prediction: Spurs in five.

Oklahoma City Thunder (2) versus Dallas Mavericks

Prediction: Thunder in five.

Los Angeles Lakers (3) versus Denver Nuggets (6)

Prediction: Lakers in seven.

Memphis Grizzlies (4) versus Los Angeles Clippers (5)

Prediction: Memphis in seven.

East: Second round

Chicago Bulls (1) versus Boston Celtics (4)

I'm going with what I would have picked if Rose had been healthy.

Prediction: Bulls in six.

Miami Heat (2) versus Indiana Pacers (3)

Prediction: Heat in five.

West: Second round

San Antonio Spurs (1) versus Memphis Grizzlies (4)

Prediction: Spurs in seven.

Oklahoma City Thunder (2) versus Los Angeles Lakers (3)

Prediction: Thunder in seven.

East: Conference finals

Chicago Bulls (1) versus Miami Heat (2)

Prediction: Heat in six.

West: Conference finals

San Antonio Spurs (1) versus Oklahoma City Thunder (2)

Prediction: Thunder in six.


Miami Heat (2) versus Oklahoma City Thunder (2)

Prediction: Heat in six.

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